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Roghnú in áit ceart díon d'aois – nó a aithint an rogha is fearr le haghaidh foirgneamh nua – aon tasc éasca. Is féidir leis an réiteach dín idéalach chun aon fhoirgneamh amháin an rogha is measa do eile díreach síos an tsráid. Sin mar go bhfuil aon dhá fhoirgneamh beacht araon, fiú má tá siad an-chosúil le chéile. Mar sin cén chaoi a roghnaíonn díon nua, mar gheall ar na roghanna sa mhargadh? Is féidir leat tosú trí iarraidh sraith ceisteanna, sula roghnaíonn tú an díon, an conraitheoir dín nó an monaróir.

1. What is this building’s mission statement?
Before calls are made to Detroit Roofing Service, the first item to address is the company’s mission statement as it relates to the building.

Whether you are building new facilities or managing existing properties, you want to be confident that the roofing systems you select deliver the performance you expect.
Does the roofing company plan to keep this building as part of its real estate assets for the next 10 to 20 years? Are there any plans to expand it in the near future, or to change its use? What are its current and future occupancy, insulation requirements, aesthetic priorities and even the maintenance schedules for rooftop equipment?

These and other mission statement issues will help shape answers to types of roofing to consider and how much of the capital budget is really needed for the job.

For example, as more companies move toward operating 24 hours daily, seven days a week to satisfy global customers, the data center must never spring a rooftop leak. Water on computer systems generally spells disaster.

A special set of concerns arise for cooling-dominated climates. Does the roof contribute to air conditioning savings and address other key issues? Is it part of a total energy program? There is a growing concern about urban heat islands. Reflective, white roofs have become of interest in those areas for a few reasons. They keep the building cooler, reduce air conditioning costs and also minimize the heat-loading of the surrounding environment.

2. What physical and other elements influence the roofing system selection?

You also need to look at the construction materials used to build the facility and the location of HVAC and fire protection equipment, particularly if either or both of these are partially or totally housed on the rooftop.

When it comes to roof replacement, you need to list the attributes of the roof area itself. It’s best to detail the roof’s size, shape, slope, tógála deic, ciumhais síos, protrusions, Rochtain rooftop agus córas dín atá ann cheana. Mar aon leis an eolas bunúsach, ní mór duit a fháil amach cén fáth go bhfuil an díon bunaidh nach leordhóthanach a thuilleadh.

3. Cad iad na roghanna dín solúbtha-membrane fáil?

They are easily identified on the rooftop. Just look at the seams.

Most TPO membranes are reinforced with polyester, fiberglass or a combination of the two, but unreinforced TPO membranes are available.

seicní biotúman Athraithe ionchorprú cheapadh agus a prefabrication buntáistí de díon solúbtha-membrane le roinnt de na teicníochtaí a shuiteáil traidisiúnta a úsáidtear i foirgnithe díon. Tá bileoga biotúman Athraithe monarcha-fabricated, comhdhéanta de asfalt atá modhnaithe le rubar nó plaisteach polaiméir le solúbthacht mhéadaithe, agus mar aon le neartú do neart breise agus cobhsaíocht.

4. Cén cineál membrane agus córas iatán atá fhearr ar an bhfoirgneamh?

Many factors determine the best system for a particular building. For most buildings, there are a number of options and advantages that need to be weighed against the facility’s mission statement. The decision should not be made only on the basis of cost. Other important considerations for membranes are building height, wind exposure, anticipated roof traffic and aesthetics.

If the roof deck is able to withstand the weight, a ballasted roof may be the best option.

For those concerned with building aesthetics, colored membranes can make an attractive contribution to the building’s appearance.

5. Does all roofing material delivered to the job site bear the UL label?

Additionally, be sure that the roof assembly you buy or specify, which includes the insulation, is UL-classified and -labeled.

Make sure that the product you are getting is the actual product that was tested. Ní mian leat rud éigin go bhfuil cosúil leis sin ach nach bhfuil comhionann. Féach ar an lipéad ar an suíomh poist agus a dhéanamh cinnte rinneadh tástáil na comhpháirteanna uile den chóras chéile. Ba mhaith leat an scannán tástáil orthu an insliú go bhfuil tú ag baint úsáide as ar do thógáil.

6. An dtugann an córas a cheangal ar rátáil uplift gaoithe?

Is féidir le damáiste a ardú ghaoithe forleathan agus costasach. Glacadh leis mar chaighdeán an tionscail, Cumann Meiriceánach Innealtóirí Sibhialta Caighdeánach 7-95, “Ualaí Dearadh íosta do Foirgnimh agus Struchtúir eile,” Is féidir é a úsáid chun a chinneadh an gcrios gaoithe an fhoirgnimh. Tástáil uplift Gaoth, amhail sheoladh ar Monarcha Frithpháirteach nó Underwriters Saotharlanna, Is féidir é a úsáid chun a chinneadh go bhfreastalaíonn an córas dín roghnaithe nó níos mó ná na riachtanais uplift gaoithe áitiúil.

7. Cé mhéad a dhéanann an córas i gcrích a chur leis an t-ualach meáchan marbh ar an struchtúr dín?

I roghnú aon rogha reroofing, Ba chóir an feidhmiúcháin áis bheith feasach ar an cumas ualachiompartha an deic díon a dhéanamh cinnte go bhfuil an rogha ceart solúbtha-membrane roghnaithe. I tógála nua, Is féidir le coigilteas i cruach struchtúracha a bhaint amach go minic trí a shuiteáil ar cheann de na córais solúbtha-membrane éadroime.

A ballasted roof may be the best choice for a given facility.

8. Cad iad na saineolas agus airgeadais láidreachtaí an chonraitheora dín tú ag smaoineamh?

Ní mór conraitheoirí Roofing a roghnú le cúram mór. Tabhairt isteach na n-ábhar díon nua agus teicnící i bhfeidhm laistigh den am atá thart 10 blianta ba chúis le go leor athruithe. Ba chóir conraitheoir dín gairmiúla a bheith aige ar na cineálacha éagsúla córas dín, chun cabhrú leat a dhéanamh ar an gcinneadh is fearr do do áis, bunaithe ar do bhuiséad.

Check that those coverages are in effect for the duration of your roofing job.

Ní hionann an suiteáil córas dín éagsúla go mór. Education and training are the most important elements in the installation of roofing systems. Make sure the roofing contractor you choose has had detailed and ongoing training on the system being installed.

The National Roofing Contractors Association offers a professional roofing selection guide. In addition, many manufacturers have approved contractor programs with specific qualifications that roofers must complete before approval.

9. What is warranted and by whom?

There are two basic categories of roofing warranties. The contractor’s warranty typically covers workmanship. The manufacturer’s warranty covers at least the materials, though many cover additional items. Even if the manufacturer’s warranty is broad, it will not completely protect you if the roof is improperly installed.

Carefully read and understand any roofing warranty offered and watch for provisions that would void it. For example, it’s nearly impossible to avoid all ponded water. Ponded water can be caused by a clogged roof drain or deflection of the roof deck in between the support columns. Proper roof maintenance can help assure that the warranty remains valid. Be aware of warranty language that voids the guarantee.

More important than the warranty, however, is getting the right flexible-membrane roof on your building in the first place.

10. After the roof is installed, cad ndiaidh iad na cláir seirbhíse agus oideachais ar fáil do na foirne bainistíochta saoráidí?

Seminars offered by roofing industry associations like SPRI and manufacturers can be invaluable ways for the building’s roofing team to expand their understanding of commercial roofing system types, installation processes and maintenance considerations.
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